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Meet ErectorBot, Halo’s Newest Printer

Meet ErectorBot, Halo’s Newest Printer

For individuals and companies that aren’t located in one of the major 3D printing hubs like New York or San Francisco, larger scale projects can be logistically complex and limiting. However, with the arrival of the new ErectorBot 644LX printer, Halo Technologies seeks to remove any and all barriers standing between local clients and their dream projects.

Halo Technologies owner and founder John Calloway is excited about the world of possibilities the ErectorBot printer opens up. He says the ErectorBot will poise Halo to offer one of the largest commercially available FDM printers on the east coast, especially in South Florida. The whole Halo team is excited to bring this printer to West Palm Beach, as it’s a huge step for Halo in serving all of the 3D printing needs of every project size. Small tabletop printers are often used throughout the industry but they pose constraints and limitations on the construction process. With the ErectorBot, that’s no longer a concern.

FDM printing works well for large projects because it allows for flexibility in filament types, materials and colors. From PLA to ABS to Nylon, any filament variation your project requires can be used. Additionally, FDM printing creates prints that are extremely lightweight with unmatched durability. Further aided by the size of the 644LX, large objects can be finished in a single print.


The Benefits of ErectorBot


In the architecture industry, models are an essential part of any project. They serve as a realistic rendering and visualization of the proposed finished product as well as a tangible object for the client to touch and move around. Architectural models can help identify strengths and weaknesses in huge projects, and they can even communicate how a proposed project will affect the surrounding area. The downside with these models is that they can be extremely costly to produce, and if adjustments need to be made prior to the construction phase, revisions can add significant delays to the project timeline.

ErectorBot printers like the 644LX are great for creating models of gigantic projects like buildings and complexes. Firms no longer have to fear problems going unseen because the models aren’t big enough. Additionally, ErectorBots can significantly reduce the cost to make the model, cut the production time in half and make revisions a quick and easy process.


The automotive industry stands to gain the most from the use of large-scale 3D printers. Automotive manufacturing is a slow, manual, expensive process. Parts have to be printed in small batches, and depending on the materials used, the production time can be lengthy. Committing to exact deadlines can be difficult because mistakes aren’t easy or cheap to fix. Utilizing a printer like the ErectorBot can remove much of the guesswork involved in vehicle assembly.

The ErectorBot can help automotive manufacturers rely less on suppliers, cut down production time, commit to consumer release dates without concern and utilize a vast new array of design materials. Better yet, large pieces can be printed for a vehicle in a single job. For parts like the hood of a car or the entire body of a motorcycle, the design can easily become a reality in half the time. For exotic cars that need rare parts replaced, a global hunt for an exact match is no longer necessary; the ErectorBot can handle the job without the stress or the extravagant cost factor.


About ErectorBot

ErectorBot is a U.S.-based manufacturer specializing in large-scale, open source, multi-functional 3D printers. The company’s printers use the Fused Deposition Modeling, or FDM, printing method, which involves melting down thermoplastic filaments and extruding them one layer at a time. A huge advantage of ErectorBot’s printers is the ability to create fast prints, which is enabled by the use of diameter tips. However, quality is never sacrificed in place of speedy work; these printers still deliver a high level of detail in each project.

The manufacturer’s machines are also open source and can be modified to work with any type of software, firmware or project type. They can be adjusted to accommodate large-scale metal printing, injection molding, subtractive manufacturing and CNC machining. Their great flexibility ensures that clients won’t have to use a series of different machines to complete a single project. With printers like the 644LX, the machinery and electronics are agile enough to take on any challenge.

Additionally, ErectorBot has a stellar representation throughout the 3D printing industry based on the sheer size of its printers and the quality of the finished work. Their printers are not just gigantic machines hyped because of their scope; there are breathtaking results to back it all up.

Iconic artist Bruce Beasley is known not only for his incredible sculptures but also his seamless integration of 3D printing into his creative process. In an interview with 3D Printing Industry, he explicitly detailed the role that large-scale printers like the 644LX played in the creation of his Coriolis sculpture. 3D printing cut down the costs by using PLA filament for the main material, but using a large-scale printer also lent itself to a smoother bronze casting process and amazing end results. This is just one example of how large-scale 3D printers, like ErectorBot’s 644LX, can be shifted and altered to accommodate the needs of any client.


What is the 644LX?

The 644LX is a specific large-scale printer model that prints projects as large as 6’x4’x4’. With smaller printers, a project of this size would require multiple prints and tedious assembly. Now, the 644LX makes the project smooth and efficient, with the entire printing job taking place in one shot. In addition to larger project scope and size, the 644LX forgoes the moving bed printer design and keeps your print perfectly still during the entire process. With a machine of this size, the increasing weight of a big print is no longer a concern; precision becomes the main focus instead.

ErectorBot’s 644LX is a true innovator inside an already innovative industry that’s enabling companies like Halo Technologies to solve a wide range of problems for clients of all backgrounds. Regardless of the project size, the industry or the specific needs, the 644LX is a versatile 3D printer that can make it all a reality.


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