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Press Release: Local & International Artist Uses South Florida’s Largest Commercial FDM 3D Printer To Bring Work To Life

Press Release

Local & International Artist Uses South Florida’s Largest Commercial FDM 3D Printer To Bring Work To Life

West Palm Beach, Florida – Based in South Florida, Halo Technologies, LLC is home to the largest commercial FDM 3D Printer on the East Coast, the ErectorBot 644LX. Halo Technologies uses this 3D printing technology to bring ideas to life for both individuals and companies. 3D printing is about more than just a creation of designed objects, it is about helping to bring ideas to life in a fast and elegant way. 3D printing services are applicable to a number of industries, from military and aviation to marine and architecture. With the addition of the ErectorBot printer, Halo Technologies has been able to partner with Cheryl Maeder, a local & internationally-known artist, in order to make her projects a reality.


“We are excited by the possibilities that the ErectorBot brings to South Florida businesses, including those in the booming art industry,” explains John Calloway, founder of Halo Technologies, LLC. “The ErectorBot is not only great for completing detailed and enormous projects, but for getting them done quickly without compromising quality. One of the projects that we are most excited to undertake is the 3D printing of local Miami artist Cheryl Maeder’s artwork. We hope that this project is able to not only highlight the capabilities of Halo Technologies and our 3D printing technology, but the stellar work of Cheryl Maeder as well.


Born in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, Cheryl Maeder moved to Zurich, Switzerland in her early 20’s in order to study photography at the Zurich University of the Arts. After her 8 years in Switzerland, Maeder returned to the US where she opened her successful photography studio in San Francisco. Here she photographed international advertising and fashion campaigns. Maeder would eventually transition from photographing fashion models to photographing real women in order to celebrate the beauty of women in all shapes and sizes. Her photography work would eventually become the inspiration for the global Dove campaign, “Real Women, Real Beauty”; a campaign which transformed the way women are perceived in the media. Maeder relocated her studio to the Miami area in 2005 and deeply immersed herself into fine art photography and filmmaking. Her explorations with her camera uncovered her passion for Abstractionism and Impressionism in her photography, filmmaking and public art installations.


Halo Technologies has announced that they will be working with Cheryl Maeder in order to bring one of her latest projects, Celestial Babies, to life through 3D printing. Celestial Babies is one of Maeder’s current projects, which was photographed & filmed over a six month period. Through floating and swimming in Water, the babies experience their natural state of Connectedness.   The Celestial Babies Odyssey echoes a universal theme. The journey to submerge inward, representing the longing for connectedness to the Self, each other, as well as, the Earth, Water and Space that surrounds us.

3D printing opens up a world of manufacturing possibilities for both individuals and companies, from large automotive or architectural companies, to small businesses and artists. Thanks to Halo complete projects. Using the new ErectorBot printer, the company is able to help Cheryl Maeder bring her artwork to life, starting with her Celestial Babies photography series.


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