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Professional 3D Scanning Services

  • At Halo Technologies, we take engineering and 3D customization to a new level with our fully-customized 3D scanning services. We provide on-site 3D scan services to help you save time and money, by using the latest technologies to deliver the top-of-class 3D scanning capabilities.

    We 3D scan rooms, objects, entire people, and more. This technology is nearly limitless and can be applied to industries like the medical field, aviation, and automotive, as well as architecture, aerospace, gaming, and more.

    We have worked with clients in areas such as capturing custom built jigs and converting the scan data to a STEP file for CAD manipulation all the way to verifying a built part was within tolerance specification to the original engineering approved design. From replicating a part that is not functional or inoperable due to damage, 3D scanning is a solution that can be used in a variety of areas of engineering in Florida’s Space Coast and abroad.

  • Creaform Scanner by 3D Systems

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  • With 3D scanning, you can

        • Perform reverse engineering
        • Facilitate rapid prototyping
        • Implement Small-run manufacturing
        • Create highly-precise tooling designs
        • Prepare accurate mock up designs
        • Execute quick first-article inspections
        • Enforce Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls (MROs)
        • Achieve full-product optimization


  • What 3D scanning means for your business

        • Save time and reduce cost
        • Achieve rapid time-to-market
        • Bring better products to market
        • Conduct highly-precise and cost-effective engineering
        • Quickly and cheaply create custom replacement parts
        • Cut down significantly on design and iteration time
        • Build precise prototypes and 3D models at a fraction of the time and cost
        • Stay within your budget without limiting your design and engineering options


Our 3D Scan Process

  • Initial Consultation

    Whether it’s an online or in-person meeting, members of our team will chat with you to provide expertise and bring engineering-oriented perspectives to your project.

  • Product CAD Design West Palm

    Complete Digital Design

    Our team will take your idea and use CAD to bring it to digital life. Carry out digital testing, quickly identify and fix flaws, and get your project from idea to prototype in no time.

  • Security & Privacy

    From email correspondence and digital files, to paper contracts and 3D prints, you’re protected by NDAs, secure storage with 24/7  premises surveillance, and state-of-the-art digital security.

3D Scanning Services Features

  • Scan anything

     From human tissue, plastics, metals, fibers, and glass to simple novelty items, advanced avionics, rooms, objects, and more, we can scan just about anything you need.

  • Safeguard your privacy

     Whether it’s your idea, patent, design, or product, we keep it safe. Nothing is more important to us than your trust, and we back you up with NDAs and safe file storage, both online and off.

  • Industry Scanners

     Although we use various technologies, at the core are 3D Systems technologies such as the 3D Systems Sense and 3D Systems Capture.

  • Variety of technologies

     We aren’t limited to certain technologies. In fact, we use a fully-customized approach based on your unique needs and budget, which means we adopt a variety of technologies, each suited for a particular situation to give you the most bang for your buck.

  • Highly-skilled & experienced

     With more than a decade of combined experience, our in-house team consists of the brightest and hardest-working engineers, designers, and technicians who work together giving you unparalleled expertise and skill.

  • Cost Effective

     As a startup ourselves, we understand the importance of your budget and will work around it to give you exactly what you need on-time and on-budget, without ever sacrificing quality.

  • Rapid turnaround times

     We provide on-site scanning so you can stay put while we come to you. The entire 3D-scanning process can be done in just as little as a few hours allowing you full flexibility for your project.

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