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Who We Are

At Halo Technologies, we are PASSIONATE about bringing 3D printing to the forefront of our industry.

We are a diverse and driven team of engineers, entrepreneurs, students and marketers that realize the potential of additive manufacturing, not only in the manufacturing arena — but particularly to consumers.

Halo Technologies Team

Mission Statement. Core Values.

Our Core Values can be summed up in the following statements:

  • Unity – Family, Friends, Team
  • Integrity – Honest, Fair, Consistent
  • Teachable – Learn, Stretch, Adapt
  • Excellence – Quality, Precise, Above, Beyond
  • Caring – for our Team and Clients
  • Community – Education, Outreach, Fun

Entrepreneurs at Heart. Start Up Mentality.

We love building business…

Which is one reason we LOVE the Start Up atmosphere. It keeps us flexible in the fast moving additive manufacturing industry and quick to respond to our client’s needs.

Though we are a few years old, with our recent expansion and investment — we’re poised to become one of the most promising 3D printing startups to date.

Consumer Driven. Positioned for Manufacturing.

We’re unique. And a little crazy.


But… we don’t stop there.

While we are consumer driven, we are also “positioned for manufacturing.” With the expansion of our warehouse and key partners in the industry, we are able to serve all industries from Military and Aviation to Marine and Architects.

And much more.

Education Focused. Next Generation Building.

Halo Technologies thrives in an environment where education is a top priority. From the beginning, we’ve partnered with local schools, homeschool groups, and student engineering programs to share our knowledge and expertise with the next generation of Makers and Builders. And we now offer a wealth of learning opportunities through our regular workshops and events.

Through our Internship program, we’ve instilled a culture of learning and inspiration.

We know that Halo will do great things. But with the ideas and innovation of our next generation — we will do INCREDIBLE things.

West Palm Beach. Community Involvement.

The local community of West Palm Beach has been a HUGE part of why we’re here. Part of our mission is to be involved and change Downtown WPB for the better through innovation and technology.

As with any city, it has it’s challenges.

Our answer to those challenges?

Innovated technology and 3d printing.

From reducing waste to improving structural design for a more energy efficient outcome — we’re just at the brink of what is possible. This is one reason we are partnered and associate with great organizations like Palm Beach Tech and the Business Development Board of Palm Beach.

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