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Custom Yacht Equipment and Parts

With the Palm Beach International Boat Show approaching, not a single day goes by without a yacht cruising across the horizon. With the increased presence of yachts in town, though, comes more competition. The boat show is about having a perfect vessel — What if you arrive in sunny Palm Beach, and your yacht needs […] Read more

How Halo is Approaching Standardization for Additive Manufacturing

How Halo is approaching standardization for additive manufacturing Today’s successful companies embrace complexity and build effective and efficient processes. Oftentimes it may seem that you see an event, when in reality there is an entire process taking place. The focus on processes and their complexity allows business to innovate, deliver more value to their customers, […] Read more

Cheaper, Better, Stronger: Using 3D Printing for Architectural Models

Cheaper, Better, Stronger: Using 3D Printing for Architectural Models 3D printing is an innovative technology that’s changing the way we build, create and repair. For more than 30 years, this method has been the secret weapon for several industries. In recent years, it has evolved into a user-friendly product with many practical home purposes for […] Read more

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