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Guest Post: The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

As a CEO, owner, manager or natural leader, daily management of your company or organization may become overwhelming and stressful. Finding proper and adequate motivation to continue doing what you are doing may start to become far fetched. While in the workplace, you may never falter under pressure as a leader. Not only do the responsibilities of your business are on your shoulders, but your stressful nature may begin to influence your employees, whom may not have the same mindset or goals that you may have.

Not too long ago, someone reminded me that there are no wealthy or rich employees. Certainly there have been individuals who began at the bottom of the barrel, but work their way up the ladder, just to be part of a company corporate board of trustees. That individual will never have direct manipulation of that company without consulting with a board.

An entrepreneurs mindset would not allow for such a long treacherous road to an end goal that is measly satisfying. There are two types of people in the world, those that make things happen for themselves and those that make excuses. There are also two choices in life, you either get it done or you do not; the gray area in between is what determines the type of success you will have. Both may start with a goal and vision, but their mindset are completely different. One looks to influence the world and the other finds the world to large to put their stamp on it. Shallow minds believe in luck, while strong minds endure cause and effect.

A strong minded individual approaches life everyday and every opportunity like it is theirs to grab. Success begins with a mindset and a goal. Like a boat that stays on course and adjust when it is hit with a wave, one must never lose sight of the goal in mind. Life will throw obstacles your way, that is a given, your true strength of success is how you recover, learn, adapt and adjust to those unexpected encounters. The world is changing, you can either fight to stay with it or created your own path. You decide.

Henze Gustave

Henze is CEO of SkyHound, which specializes in aerial photography and UAS solutions. If you would like to learn more about them, click here.He is also the Vice President for ExO at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He has worked with the Mobile Extreme Environment Research Station (MEERS Lab) as well as the Space Technology & Analog Research (STAR Lab

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