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Partner Highlight – A Philosophy of Working Together

Here at Halo, one of our leading principles in business is working together with others both in and outside of our immediate industry.


Call it Karma, call it blessings, call it whatever you want; but by working with others, we know we’ll be successful as well.

That being said. We want to take a few minutes to thank a few businesses that made our recent Grand Opening a HUGE success.

In fact: It wouldn’t have been what it was without them. So with out further “a do” let’s do some “highlighting!”

AllAXIS 3D Printers

AllAxis 3D

Over the past few months leading up to our Grand Opening, Alex from AllAXIS has been a great resource in terms of client support and filament supplies. Alex is a great partner in the world of 3d printing and specifically digital renderings and animation. We would like to specifically thank AllAXIS for providing some of the prints that were on display at our recent grand opening. They really helped show the attendees what was possible with 3D printing, especially with paper 3D printing.


3d printing patent west palm beach

From the time we moved into our first 3d printing office, on the fourth floor in the Harvey Building, Acaex has been in full support of our growth. Autrige, owner of Ascadex is a full service Patent Illustrating company. Have an idea? Contact Ascadex and he’ll make sure your design is secure from being copied. He’s our “go-to” referral for patents.

Larsen Motorsports

Larsen Motorsports was responsible for the incredible Jet Car that we had on display for our grand opening. Larsen Motorsports are a group of individuals that make up an incredible and strong team. Thanks to Larsen, we we’re able to make Halo’s grand opening that much better. Thanks Larsen Motorsports!

3d printing larsen motorsports


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