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Custom Yacht Equipment and Parts

With the Palm Beach International Boat Show approaching, not a single day goes by without a yacht cruising across the horizon. With the increased presence of yachts in town, though, comes more competition. The boat show is about having a perfect vessel — What if you arrive in sunny Palm Beach, and your yacht needs […] Read more

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Halo’s Journey It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, and amidst all the events taking place in our hometown of West Palm Beach, we at Halo wanted to share our experience as West Palm’s newest 3D printing startup. We’ve come a long way since our grand opening in August of this year, but that wasn’t the beginning of […] Read more

Guest Post: Created Unequally: Why I Chose Engineering

I speculate that perhaps there’s an inherent indecisiveness that plagues some students; I myself was halfway to a Bachelor’s in psychology when I decided to change not only my major but also my university. I was becoming increasingly more concerned about my career path. My frustration with Industrial and Abnormal Psychology grew inversely with my […] Read more

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