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Taking a Moment to Help

Pauly Strong Halo Technologies

Hey everyone!

Halo has had a really exciting past few weeks and the support from the community has been unparalleled! Now, it is our time to give back.  As a team, most of us have family and/or friends in the Fire Department. A friend of the Halo Technologies team and someone who has given selflessly to the South Florida community needs our help.

Meet Paul Pietrafessa…

Paul began his firefighting career with the Coral Springs Fire Department in November of 2005. He spent several years working between the Engine and the Rescue as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He went on to compete the training and testing process for Driver Engineer, and was promoted to Driver in early 2016.

In early 2015, Paul began having abdominal pain, and was diagnosed with gall stones.  That diagnosis was incorrect, and it was discovered that Paul had actually developed Pancreatic Cancer.  Thanks to the swift actions of the Doctors involved, Paul saw several specialists, and began aggressive treatment in the spring of 2015.  He has had multiple surgeries, and chemo treatments, immunotherapy, and drug trials.  In July of 2016, Paul, Karen, and his doctors decided that there are no further treatments that will improve Paul’s cancer.  He and Karen made the decision for quality over quantity, and are going to “Bucket list the heck out of life”.  Read Full Story here.

So here is what we’d like for you to do…

Go visit the website set up for Paul — take a look around, and decide how you can help. There are options for everyone.

Website: PaulyStrong 


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