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Event: Filament – Beer, Coffee and Glass!?!


We’re excited to have the team from 3DomFuel come to one of our first workshops since our Grand Opening. But this isn’t just any “Workshop.” While we will be having some really great knowledge and information “downloaded” into our brains…

…this group bring a very unique approach to 3d printed filament.

The team over a 3DomFuel actually makes filament made of Coffee and Beer!

–> This event is FREE to attend.

That’s right…Coffee and Beer.

So in honor of that, we’re going to be having light refreshments with…you guessed it…coffee and beer.

This is a paid event. But before you’re scared away…it’s pretty much just to cover the beer, coffee and refreshments. So it’s a WIN-WIN.

Here are the dets:

Admission: $FREE
Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM
Date: September 23rd, 2016


Speaker Biographies:

Steve Gall:  President.  Computer Science degree. Former Marine Corps Officer of five years.  Formerly created, ran,, and sold ITHC, a computer benchmarking firm with our 3DomFuel CEO.  They still own and run a 2nd benchmarking company, Precision Analytics.  Currently resides in Providence, RI.

Dr. Allan Kershner:  Lead Technical Sales Rep.  Doctorates in Bio-Chemistry and Microbial Chemistry.  Extensive experience in technical sales with companies such as HP and Agilent.  .  Currently resides in Wellington, FL.

Ken Cooper:  CoB. Aerospace Engineering degree.  Marine Corps aviator of 14 years.  Also currently a pilot with the airlines.  I do various forms of marketing research for 3DomFuel as well as help with sales leads.  Currently reside in Wellington, FL.

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