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Meet: Novik Stubbs


My name is Novik Inge Stubbs. I’m the youngest child with two older brothers. Originally from West Palm Beach, I started ballet dancing with Ballet Florida at 5 years. I’ve had the privilege of being in many local and national commercials, along with dance and modeling shows.

As Executive Vice President, my job at Halo is to be one of the first contacts for everyone who interacts with Halo. I love connecting with our clients and vendors and sharing with them what Halo is all about and how we can help them achieve their goals. While I know a thing or two about our 3d printers, I generally let the our real engineers have all the fun!

Putting my passion into Halo is simply a natural progression from a background in retail, live production for events and working with people on a daily basis. I believe in my team and what we’re doing. I believe Halo will make a difference in many lives. Whether it’s someone who is just learning about 3d printing to the person who needs a prototyping for their next great invention.

What we’re doing at Halo will make the world a better place. In the medical industry 3D printing can make a huge impact in helping people around the world.

From 3d printed prosthetics, to bone parts — to organs. If it helps a child or adult function in their daily lives and it’s cost effective then it’s a win win. I also enjoy the aerospace side of Halo. (OK, I’m still hoping to fly an X-wing Starfighter one day) but in the mean time, getting more 3d printed parts into space may be a start.

One of my dreams is to travel around the world helping others through 3d printed products from housing to medical needs and beyond. If I get to be apart of making a difference in the lives of others — even if it’s just one person, then it’s all worth it.

Until then, I love snorkeling (I need to get my padi certification so I can go scuba diving), kayaking, fishing, working out, movies, finding new adventures, finding new restaurants (I’m a foodie), hanging out with friends and family, traveling meeting people and experiencing the culture.

And that’s me!


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