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From the beginning, Halo Technologies has been heavily involved in local West Palm Beach schools. It is our belief that 3D printing brings a new level of knowledge and education to about any grade level.

Just like computers were once a rare education tool in classrooms — the 3d printing industry is seeing a boom of 3d printers in classrooms, libraries, community centers, universities and even homes.

Our Education programs are designed to educate, present and demonstrate how 3d printing works to students of nearly every age.

We are now accepting requests from teachers, administrators and homeschool groups for the 2016-17 school year. our Education Programs are designed to help you enhance your STEM curriculum, after school programs and even field trips.

We offer three different education program experiences (both FREE and paid).

3D Printing In-School Experience – FREE

With our In-School Experience, one of our Team members will visit your Classroom as present what 3D printing is, the history behind it and how it’s used in everyday life. There will be a live presentation of a 3D print and students will have the opportunity to see how a 3d printer works in real life.

We recommend that teachers reserve 1 hour for this experience. The presentation lasts about 30 minutes and the “question and answer time” will take another 30 minutes. The question and answer time is a great time for students to ask question and generally turns out to be a great learning time.

For larger class rooms, we recommend limiting the attendance to less than 30 students. With smaller classrooms, combining a few classes works as well.

Quick Details:

Length: 1 Hour

Cost: Free

Ideal Size: 15-30 students

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Halo Technologies Headquarters Experience – $10/student

Out storefront, located in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach, is where it all happens. We love showing off our “state of the art” headquarters where we visit with our clients and design their products.

This experience in much like our In-School Experience in terms of knowledge and information. What makes this experience different is being able to see all of our printers and how they work. The students will also be able to see one of our biggest 3d printers, the Erector Bot.

All the students will also be able to take a 3D printed item home with them. It’s a great opportunity for students to see how ideas are brought to life!

We suggest that teachers plan for a 1 – 1.5 hour experience at Halo Technologies. There is a parking garage 1 block South.

Quick Details:

Length: 1 – 1.5 hours

Cost: $10/student

Ideal Size: 15-25 students

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