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Privacy and Security

At Halo Technologies, we’re very careful about keeping your idea, patent or design safe and secure so no body else can steal it or take advantage.

We believe this is important for any client we serve, big or small.

Below, John Calloway, co-owner and President of Halo talks about how our new space is going to be specifically designed to keep our clients information secure.

Whenever you come up with a new idea or invention that you want to bring to market, there are a few important steps you need to take in order to protect it. We’re here to help you take some of those steps.

There are a few things we always recommend our clients do when they come to us:

Work with a Company You Trust

This goes with out saying, but finding a company that has your best interest at heart is important. Your product design or idea is unique and one of a kind. The knowledge of it may be worth thousands, if not millions of dollars — and putting your ideas in the hands of just any company won’t do.

That’s why at Halo Technologies, we work with partners and contractors that all sign NDAs or Non-Disclosure Agreements on any design or product they work with. We also sign an NDA with you, our client.

For our larger clients, like manufacturers, military departments and aerospace contractors, we take the care necessary to protect your propriety designs and confidential information.

An NDA is simply a form, with important legal wording, that says we can’t publicly share your information.

Here is a formal definition…

A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal contract between two or more parties that signifies a confidential relationship exists between the parties involved. The confidential relationship often refers to information that is to be shared between the parties but should not be made available to the general public. NDAs are also commonly referred to as a confidentiality agreement. – Investopedia

You can be assured that your product is safe and you can trust Halo Technologies.

Work on Getting a Patent

During the process of putting together your prototype, whether it be a CAD design or the final 3D print, we may recommend some trusted partners that can help you put together and file a patent. By filing a Patent with the United States Patent and Trademark office, you’re protecting your investment legally.

At this point, even if you did share you idea, no one could take it and make it their own. Because Halo Technologies specializes in 3D printing and design, we make it easy to do this process and are able to work closely with the Patent company by giving them access to your technical designs — safely and securely.

When should I start this process?

The best time to start this process is when we’re able to put together our first draft of your technical design. It’s at this point, that we can share with the Patent company some really solid measurements and design specs.



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