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First and foremost, Halo Technologies is a technology company. Everything we do  — our goals, aspirations and more — all center around a principle of innovation and technology advancement.


As a result: Halo Technologies is at the intersection of technology and manufacturing with our rapid prototyping services.

On the surface and to our customers, we are a 3D printing or additive manufacturing company. However, really and truly, the umbrella that covers this emerging technology is rapid prototyping. 3D printing is simply the tool that makes rapid prototyping possible.

It enables us to cut down on lead times for our customers and delivers a working idea to make our client’s product a reality.

In a sense — 3D Printing put the “rapid” IN “rapid prototyping.”

But first: What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is the ability to produce a model of a piece, part or product that you eventually want to reproduce in mass or present as a viable product — but done with a quick turn around time or reduced lead times. Traditional manufacturing provides prototyping as well, but generally costs you significant time and money.

When you hire a manufacturer to bring your vision to life, it often take many samples and reiterations to get the perfect model. In the traditional manufacturing cycle, prior to 3D printing, this meant you may not get a working model back to you in months. In addition, you may find out that the model doesn’t even work properly.


…cutting that time down to a couple weeks — and sometimes…even hours! Using our CAD software and additive manufacturing (3D printing), this is fast becoming the norm.

That is the definition of Rapid Prototyping.

With 3D printing, we’re able to make fine tuned adjustments with the stroke of a keyboard. The trial and error process is less time consuming and you get to focus more on your vision and product and less on the frustration of waiting and failed iterations. At Halo Technologies, we’re here to partner with you to eliminate that frustration.

So…How does Rapid Prototyping benefit you?

At Halo Technologies, we deliver to our customers 4 primary benefits through rapid prototyping.

They are:

  1. Reduced Lead Times – As previously mentioned, with the technology of 3d printing, we’re able to reduced lead times and help you get your product to the end of the manufacturing cycle that much quicker.
  2. Decreased Cost – With 3D printing, we’re cutting down on materials and time. This translates to cost. Imagine printing exactly what you want through a computer model — No extra materials or bulky molds involved!
  3. Optimized Iterations – We know that each print will likely need improvements, but with additive manufacturing, we can cut this down to hours…not months. By finding problems with the model sooner in the cycle, the savings are found in time and money.
  4. Maximized Profits – At the end of the day, you save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in prototyping costs.

But wait…there’s another reason:

Sharing your Ideas

Not everyone is ready for the manufacturing step of the cycle. In fact: you may just have an idea lingering in you head.

Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars for a working model, connect with a 3d printing company and pay significantly less.

With a working model that represents what you want, you’re now able to visualize your product and share it with investors, clients or collaborators.

You see:

You THINK you’re idea is a good one, but until you see it work in a real life situation, you really don’t know. Using a rapid prototyping service, helps you put that concern to rest.

Halo Technologies doesn’t just work FOR you — we work WITH you. We are sensitive to your proprietary ideas and products. Through NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and hyper sensitive protocols, we make sure that your proprietary plans stay that way.

We look forward to working with you on your project. With offices located in West Palm Beach, Florida we help clients all around the world — that’s the beauty of technology!

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