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  • 3D Printing


    Our 3D Printing services bring your ideas to life. Whether it’s your own idea or your company need a reliable additive manufacturer, we’re here for your rapid prototyping needs.
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  • 3D Scanning


    Halo provides on-site scanning services to help you save time and money, by using the latest technologies to deliver the top-of-class 3D scanning capabilities.
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  • Product (CAD) Design


    Our team of engineers bring years of experience in product design, optimization and functionality. Let our CAD design experts make your idea or drawing a reality.
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  • Rapid Prototyping


    Our goal at Halo Technologies is to come along side individuals and companies helping them optimize and design a prototyping with a high degree of quality and efficiency.
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  • Consulting

    Engineering Consulting

    Have an idea and need some advice or insight? You can hire the engineering experts at Halo. We’ll offer our unique insight into product on both a design and marketing level.
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  • CNC Machining


    Halo provides state of the art CNC Milling technology. Whatever your CNC machining needs, Halo Technologies provides quality CNC services to our customers.
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  • Injection Molding


    Halo provides state of the art Injection Molding technology. What ever your product needs, Halo Technologies can fulfill your injection molding needs.
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  • Workshops & Camps


    Want to learn more about 3d printing and manufacturing in general. Attend one of our workshops with special speakers. We also put on 3d printing camps for students.
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