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Professional CAD Design

  • What is CAD design? CAD, or Computer Aided Design, is the primary method of designing and shaping 3D objects for manufacturing, production and 3d printing. Before you print your product or object, it will need to go through a design process using CAD software like Fusion 360 or SolidWorks.

    Although our services span the entire production cycle, our CAD design service helps you take that first step in turning your idea into reality: designing a ready-to-manufacture digital file of your product.

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  • Our CAD Design Services include

        • Mechanical CAD design for all your engineering needs.
        • Product development to turn your product ideas into working designs.
        • Prototype design to turn your product ideas into working samples.
        • Reverse engineering to learn exactly how a system works.
        • Patent design to help you protect your ideas and hard work.
        • Mold design to easily create designs for your parts.
        • Industrial design to develop working CAD designs for all your manufacturing needs
        • File conversion to handle any file format and prepare your CAD design for print.
  • What CAD Design means for your business

        • Bring your ideas to life. Come to us with sketches, handmade designs, mockups, or just a vision, and we’ll turn it into a ready-to-print CAD file.
        • Prepare to manufacture. From digital stress testing to creating a mold for your injection molded parts, our CAD team will get you started.
        • Save time & money. By digitally testing and simulating your designs through CAD, you’ll save time, minimize costs, and maximize efficiency.
        • Patent your idea. We’ll help turn your idea into a working CAD design, prepare it for patenting, and provide guidance through the remaining patent process.
        • Get the help of an all-star team. Our highly skilled designers and engineers will provide expertise from various perspectives and ensure your design is optimized for operation and manufacture.
        • Conduct fully optimized iterations. Our CAD specialists guide you through the iterations process, allowing you to refine your designs in no time.
        • Perform reverse engineering. Analyze any system you desire and learn exactly how it works (or why it doesn’t work).

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Our Design Process

  • Initial Consultation

    Whether it’s an online or in-person meeting, members of our team will chat with you to provide expertise and bring engineering-oriented perspectives to your project.

  • Product CAD Design West Palm

    Complete Digital Design

    Our team will take your idea and use CAD to bring it to digital life. Carry out digital testing, quickly identify and fix flaws, and get your project from idea to prototype in no time.

  • Security & Privacy

    From email correspondence and digital files, to paper contracts and 3D prints, you’re protected by NDAs, secure storage with 24/7  premises surveillance, and state-of-the-art digital security.

CAD Design Services Features

  • Design Anything

    Our in-house team consists of highly experienced designers and engineers from numerous backgrounds. We also use a variety of CAD design software each tailored for a particular industry.

  • Patent Design Ready

    Not only do we help create your patent design but, through our strong partnership network, we’ll help guide you throughout the complex process of patenting.

  • Industry Level Expertise

    Our experience spans across several industries including architecture, marine, medical, automotive, aerospace, and more. We offer this industry-level service right in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach, so stop by and meet the team!

  • Absolute Confidentiality

    Whether it’s your idea, patent, design, or product, we keep it safe. Nothing is more important than your trust, and we back you up with NDAs, safe file storage, and round-the-clock security surveillance.

  • Entire Production Cycle

    We help guide your business no matter which part of the production cycle you’re in. From engineering and design, to prototyping, patenting and marketing, our team will offer its expertise and guidance.

  • Open to Everyone

    Our design expertise gives you cost-effective access to powerful design capabilities.  We also work with you every step of the way, providing education and insight helping you make design decisions at every step.

  • In-Depth Consultations

    With the Halo team, you’ll get one-on-one consultations with in-house experts that have had more than fifteen years of experience in designing and producing products.

  • Rapid Turnaround

    We know you work within a limited timeframe, so with our team of experts and the entire lineup of 3D technologies under one roof, we finish the job quickly while minimizing operational costs, saving you time and money.

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