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CNC Machining Services

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining is an automated process of controlling machine tools using computer commands to produce prototypes and production parts in an extremely precise manner.

    Our CNC Machining service includes mills, lathes, and routers, with our designers and engineers able to rapidly speed up the production of your parts by programming these machines to precisely fit your manufacturing requirements. Because of the diversity of our expertise, the depth of our industry partnerships, and the variety of our technology, we’re able to significantly help you cut production time and costs.

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  • What Can You Do with CNC Machining?

        • Seamlessly manufacture identical parts, no matter how complex the design
        • Significantly cut production costs compared to manual machining
        • Cut huge amounts of time compared to manual machining
        • Develop precise parts in a very short amount of time
        • Produce a fully functional prototype in a short amount of time
        • Take advantage of CNC machining for low- or high-quantity production
        • Craft components from virtually any material you need


  • CNC machined components for any industry

        • Automotive
        • Aerospace
        • Defense
        • Civil
        • Architecture
        • Oil and Gas
        • Electronics
        • Marine


Our Design Process

  • Initial Consultation

    Whether online or in-person, start by connecting with a Halo team member. We’ll provide expert advice and create your project’s CAD design.

  • Product CAD Design West Palm

    Create CAM File

    Halo’s in-house team of experts brings more than a decade of experience to properly convert your CAD design into a ready-to-print CAM file.

  • CNC Production

    Whether your project calls for CNC mills, lathes or routers, our highly-specialized team is ready to work around-the-clock to bring it into full production.

Let Our Expertise Become Yours

  • Take advantage of industry experience.

     Halo’s in-house team of expert engineers, designers, machiners, and business developers bring more than a decade of CAD and CNC machining experience for your project. Let our highly skilled and experienced team of experts become your team of experts.

  • Perfect your design.Stay within budget.

     With the required skills and team, along with the variety of machines at our disposal, we’re able to perfect your digital design and program the appropriate machine to give you exactly what you’re looking for, in the timeframe you need, and within the budget you set.

  • Exploit a wide variety of the latest machine technology.

     Not only do we have highly-skilled personnel that can work with numerous file formats and software for your digital designs, but we also have a wide variety of the latest machines and materials allowing us to fully customize our CNC machining services to fit your particular needs.

  • Emergency local/regional rush services provided.

     With instant access to the latest technology, a comprehensive network of industry partners, and a technical all-star team working around the clock, we’re able to provide rush services for regional businesses. So if you’re looking for quick turnaround times for your projects, don’t wait and contact us now to speak with a member of our team.

  • Ensure 100% confidentiality and complete privacy.

     Every single detail of your dealings with us stays confidential. We back this up with full Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), 24/7 on-premise surveillance & secure storage, and the latest digital security.

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