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Engineering Consulting Services

Whatever your needs, let us help you.

  • Our experience with clients from across many industries, along with our complete lineup of the latest 3D scanning and printing technologies, puts us in a unique position to help you with all your product design, optimization, and manufacturing needs.

    We’re also a vertically-integrated organization bringing you the entire repertoire of 3D services including 3D modeling, scanning, designing, printing, manufacturing, optimizing, prototyping, and more.

  • Consulting Halo Technologies

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  • Why do you need consulting?

        • Product optimization. We’ll help you conduct first-article inspections, perform accurate material analysis, and reach full-product optimization so you can release to market with a bang.
        • Reverse engineering. With our in-depth engineering expertise, our highly-skilled team will help you figure out how it works by replicating, replacing, and improving whatever it is you want.
        • Patenting. With our designers, engineers, and patent specialist partners, we’ll help prepare your idea for patent and guide you along the entire patent process.
        • Product design.  No matter what your idea may be, we’ll help bring it to life by preparing your designs and getting them ready for print and manufacture. With our in-house team of engineers and our broad network of partners, we’re prepared to help design everything from a custom car accessory to jewelry.
        • Rapid prototyping. With our technology and expertise, build functional 3D printed prototypes at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional manufacturing. Our team will help with concept generation, feasibility, design improvements, and more.
        • Small-run manufacturing. Our team can conduct test runs for your customized product or help you strategize and implement early-product runs to test the viability of your idea, all within your budget.
        • 3D Printing. With our honed expertise in additive manufacturing and the latest 3D printing technology, we’ll help bring your ideas to life quickly and creatively, whether it’s an idea for an invention or a replacement knob for your kitchen.

Our Design Process

  • Initial Consultation

    Whether it’s an online or in-person meeting, members of our team will chat with you to provide expertise and bring engineering-oriented perspectives to your project.

  • Product CAD Design West Palm

    Complete Digital Design

    Our team will take your idea and use CAD to bring it to digital life. Carry out digital testing, quickly identify and fix flaws, and get your project from idea to prototype in no time.

  • Security & Privacy

    From email correspondence and digital files, to paper contracts and 3D prints, you’re protected by NDAs, secure storage with 24/7  premises surveillance, and state-of-the-art digital security.

Our Consulting Service Offerings

  • 3D-print Anything

     We work with plastics, rubber, composites (e.g. carbon fiber), metal (especially steel bronze and aluminum) and various fills (e.g. woods). Using additive manufacturing and the latest in 3D print technology, we’re able to 3D print almost anything you need.

  • Industry-level Service

     Our experience has been applied to a variety of industries such as architecture, marine, medical, automotive, aerospace, and more. We offer this industry-level service right in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach, so stop by and meet the team!

  • Replacement Parts

     From old legacy systems to machines, vehicles, products, or any items you may have, we’ll help design and produce any replacement parts you need, quickly and cheaply.

  • Safeguard Your Privacy

     Whether it’s your idea, patent, design, or product, we keep it safe. Nothing is more important than your trust, and we back you up with NDAs and safe file storage, both online and off.

  • Accessible Manufacturing

     Our technologies allow cost-effective access to manufacturing capabilities, for everyone. We also work with you every step of the way, providing education and insight to help you understand the ins and outs of 3D engineering.

  • Complete 3D Printing Process

     We offer you the full lineup of 3D services. This includes 3D scanning, CAD design, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, small-run manufacturing, and more.

  • Highly Skilled and Experienced

     With more than a decade of experience, our in-house team consists of scanners, designers, engineers, and technicians working together to give you unparalleled expertise and skill.

  • A Powerful and Diverse Network

     We have established relationships with industry leaders in the southeastern U.S., whose experience and rapport positions us to help your business flourish.

  • Cost Effective

     As a startup ourselves, we understand the importance of your budget and will work around it to give you exactly what you need on time and on budget, without ever sacrificing quality.

  • Rapid Turnaround Times

     We know you work within a limited timeframe and, as we offer in-house expertise with the entire lineup of 3D technologies, we finish the job quickly while minimizing operational costs — helping you save time and money.

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