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Injection Molding Services

  • Injection molding is the precision shaping of plastic parts through a process involving the injection of heated material into a mold.

    Our engineers precision-mill the cavities acting as your product’s negative shape. Once complete, we carefully design and insert the injection mold, followed by plastic or metal pellets, into our machinery. The ingredients are then pressed, melted, and inserted into the mold cavity. The part is then cooled and ejected from the mold, with the cycle repeating itself.

    With this process, along with our highly-skilled engineers and state-of-the-art machinery, we’re able to produce your prototype or parts swiftly and rapidly, no matter how tiny or complex your design. The process saves you money since you’re getting a highly efficient process that maximizes the use of your materials and significantly shortens iteration. Depending on your need, you can have your final product batch within just a few days to a couple weeks.

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  • What Can You Do with Injection Molding?

        • Create parts that are assembled into a single-functioning final product
        • Manufacture stronger parts in a fraction of the time compared to traditional tool making and manufacturing processes
        • Significantly cut down on iteration times.
        • Easily implement custom designs for your parts, no matter how tiny or complex
        • Produce working prototype parts from the same material as your final piece


  • Some materials we work with

        • Ceramic
        • Rubber
        • Tungsten
        • Metal
        • Stainless Steel
        • Oil and Gas
        • Electronics
        • Marine


Our Design Process

  • Initial Consultation

    Whether it’s online or in person, instantly connect with our team to receive insights and expertise about your injection molding needs, desired materials, product strategy, cost, and more.

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    Prototype & Mold

    To prepare your injection mold, we’ll 3D scan whatever you need. Whether it’s a diamond ring or an entire room, our 3D scanners capture every detail quickly, precisely, and in full color.

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    Make the Mold

    Using our in-house printers, we’ll create as many versions of your mold as you need, allowing us to ensure absolute perfection when it comes to your final mold for injection.

Maximize Your Investment

  • Time Savings

     With our highly experienced in-house team of engineers & designers, we can help you speed up iteration times using 3D printing and custom-injection molding to save an estimated 700% to 1800% of your time (based on several time estimates from toolmakers).

  • Significantly minimize budget.

     With almost two decades of combined experience, we’ve mastered the injection mold process, helping you save an estimated 43% over aluminum injection molding and 72% over steel injection molding.

  • Get unique insights from our expert team.

     Injection molding is an intricate process requiring a highly-skilled and complete team. Our in-house team consists of designers, engineers, toolmakers, machiners, and business consultants with backgrounds in architecture, medicine, marine, aviation, aerospace, civil society, military, government, and business. With a team like ours, you always get the best.

  • Emergency rush services provided.

     Being a business ourselves, we know what it’s like to work on high-urgency projects with extremely short deadlines. We have a breadth of experience with time-sensitive projects and a wide variety of technology at our disposal, enabling us to provide you with the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Complete privacy & peace of mind.

     Ensuring the privacy of all our clients has been a cornerstone of our service from day one. Without it, we wouldn’t be in business. We always back you up with comprehensive Non Disclosure Agreements, 24/7 on-site surveillance, and state-of-the-art digital security. Whether it’s your emails and digital files, or your contracts and physical parts, you’re fully protected from every angle.

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