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Rapid Prototyping

  • What is Rapid Prototyping? Rapid prototyping is the ability to produce a functional model of a piece, part or product you eventually want to mass produce or present as a viable product — done with a rapid turn around time. Traditional manufacturing provides prototyping as well, but will cost you significantly more time and money.

    Using our 3D CAD software, additive manufacturing techniques (3D printing), and amazing in-house team of engineers and designers, Halo will give you stunningly accurate prototypes while saving you significant amounts of time and money.

  • Rapid Prototyping South Florida

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  • Our Rapid Prototyping Services are

        • Highly accurate
        • Extremely cost-effective
        • Strong and durable
        • Rapidly made
        • Built directly from your CAD file
        • Built with moving elements
        • Able to be modified at lower costs
        • Made from almost any material you desire
  • Our Process

        • In-depth consultations (in person and online)
        • Engineering-oriented perspectives
        • Iterative processes to guarantee desired outcomes
        • A complete privacy policy
        • Total confidentiality, backed by Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
        • Secure storage and 24/7 surveillance of all physical documents and items
        • Highly advanced multi-layered security for all digital files

Our Design Process

  • Initial Consultation

    Whether it’s an online or in-person meeting, members of our team will chat with you to provide expertise and bring engineering-oriented perspectives to your project.

  • Product CAD Design West Palm

    Complete Digital Design

    Our team will take your idea and use CAD to bring it to digital life. Carry out digital testing, quickly identify and fix flaws, and get your project from idea to prototype in no time.

  • Security & Privacy

    From email correspondence and digital files, to paper contracts and 3D prints, you’re protected by NDAs, secure storage with 24/7  premises surveillance, and state-of-the-art digital security.

Rapid Prototyping Services Feature

  • Quickly bring your ideas to market.

    Rapid prototyping reduces lead time by 65%, letting you quickly share samples with investors, clients, and partners.

    Save massively on manufacturing.

    Industry averages show that rapid prototyping allows you to decrease costs by 80% and optimize profits by 50%.

    Save time, money, and effort.

    Decrease your lead times, minimize overhead, and get the best in service, hard work, and expertise from the Halo team.

    Determine product viability in no time.

    Benefit from reduced iteration times so you can refine your product faster than ever.

    Bring products to full optimization.

    Prepare accurate mock-ups and enforce maintenance, repairs, and overhauls (MROs) cheaply and effectively.

    Perform reverse engineering.

     Analyze any system and learn exactly how it works (or why it doesn’t work).

    Keep up with your competitors.

    Rapid Prototyping offers cost-effective manufacturing options and full product optimization, helping you zoom past competitors.

    Help the environment

    Rapid prototyping is much more environmentally friendly than traditional manufacturing, by allowing biodegradability with certain materials, and less waste in the manufacturing process.

  • Rapid vs. Traditional

    Optimized design

    Get a working sample in your hands sooner, and quickly decide whether it works or not

    Faster iterations

    By working digitally, and alongside the Halo team, build something that would normally take two months — in less than two weeks.

    Savings in time

    With greatly reduced lead times as well as streamlined iteration processes, significantly cut down on your production cycle

    Savings in costs

    Since rapid prototyping helps you save time, streamline resources, and refine production, you’ll save on overhead, manufacturing, research, design, and more

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