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How Halo is Approaching Standardization for Additive Manufacturing

How Halo is approaching standardization for additive manufacturing

Today’s successful companies embrace complexity and build effective and efficient processes.

Oftentimes it may seem that you see an event, when in reality there is an entire process taking place.

The focus on processes and their complexity allows business to innovate, deliver more value to their customers, and stay at the forefront of their industries. Where a product or service is what is seen, bought, and sold, often it is the process where the true advantage between competitors exists. Investing time and effort into building a process is often what will lead a company to thrive.

As an industry leader, Halo Technologies is focused on building and documenting processes that make our company more competitive and allow us to deliver the best service possible. In this way, we systematize the quality of our work and ensure the quality of service our clients have come to expect.

We are committed to having a quality management system in place that focuses on quality, safety, and workflow, and ensures compliance with universal standards. Our staff understand that quality means both happy clients who keep returning, and consistently accurate manufacturing in the production of items.

Standardization for ISO and AS certifications

One of Halo’s goals includes getting ISO 9001 and eventually AS 9100 certifications, which will allow our company to build industry segments and become ever more competitive in the marketplace.

There are companies that provide 3D printing services as well as traditional work that are certified, but for a company that is specialized in 3D printing, it is not common to be certified. This is the difference we intend to set at Halo Technologies.

We strongly believe that certification is crucial for our company because ISO standards are some of the most widely accepted and recognized in the world.

Once Halo obtains ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certifications, we will gain more authority in the marketplace. By taking our in-house technology and processes and operating under universally accepted certifications, Halo will be able to operate in new industries and bid for large contracts. Where we are currently unable to compete with industry giants like Lockheed and Boeing, pursuing certifications will allow us to offer lower prices and more personalized experiences for new clients.

Setting an industry standard

Development of documentation and processes is especially important in manufacturing. Established processes allow for more thorough quality control, which means that an organization can focus better on the needs of its customers and deliver exactly what customers want. With processes in place, management can set specific and measurable goals and communicate them effectively to team members. In their turn, team members can offer suggestions and feedback about the processes, allowing the organization to cut the inefficiencies and base decision-making on numbers and hard metrics. This results in a continuous improvement loop.

Implementation of quality standards bring a number of benefits to everyone in the marketplace.

When the companies know that the parts and materials that they are getting from a supplier are certified, they don’t have to spend the resources inspecting every single item that they receive.

In this way, standards save a lot of time and money over the span of a production process and allow companies to use resources more effectively and efficiently.

By creating a fully documented process, Halo will be at the forefront to standardization for additive manufacturing. The the key to consistent quality in manufacturing is delivering exactly what customers order and expect, which is why certifications and standards are so important and why Halo will be a company to set the bar.

Beginning with ISO 9001 certification, we are working to extensively document and set standards for our industry in areas such as:

● Customer focus

● Leadership

● Involvement of people

● Process approach

● System approach to management

● Continual improvement

● Factual approach to decision making

● Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

For us at Halo, the key will be to be detailed. With certified processes in place, customers have more confidence in products and services. By documenting processes in the additive manufacturing industry, Halo will pave the way for the growth of the industry by way of 3D printing.

Looking toward the future

While Halo has been in business since 2013 and served hundreds of clients, we are just getting started. We plan to grow and improve our business model by thoroughly documenting and building out processes and receiving ISO certifications, which will not only allow Halo to grow as a 3D printing company, but also become an industry leader in the field of additive manufacturing.

Our company and founder are confident that increased productivity, improved employee and customer satisfaction, and wide recognition of Halo as an ISO and AS certified company will lead to new opportunities for both Halo and the additive manufacturing industry.

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